Thursday, 1 September 2016

Lagos State Govt Demolishes Shops In Ikoyi Over Failure of Landlord to Pay N40m Permit [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Fashion designer, Maki .Oh shared a now viral video of Lagos state government officials demolishing a building which housed small scale businesses in Ikoyi because of the landlord's refusal to pay 40 million naira permit.

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    This is my country. This is Nigeria. @akinwunmiambode @lagosstategovt Who protects the small businesses trying to do HONEST work in this disgustingly corrupt nation? With no warning, @nulijuice and all the shops on this strip were bulldozed down because the landlord apparently did not pay a 40 million Naira permit. The tenants found out about this this morning and 1 hr later their sweat and blood was turned rubble. No warning! How can this nation ever be great? We need to start a conversation about this mess. Who is next??? What has this nation ever done for SME's like us? Absolutely nothing but frustrate our efforts. But during your political campaigns you proudly advertise Maki Oh as one of the nation's exports. You have done nothing for us!!! How can we be great? This is not a country.

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