Thursday, 21 July 2016

Popular Twitter Big Girl, Uduakisabae Outed Out For Alleged Stealing, Lesbianism & Cocaine Addiction [SEE DETAILS]


My eyes have been glued to this really messy Twitter drama. Two ladies are exposing their really dirty linen in public. The contenders are @6ftHobbit and @Uduakisabae. What makes the whole scandal even more salacious is the fact that @Uduakisabae is a very popular Twitter celeb and social critic known for her no nonsense attitude.

From the story so far, Hobbit called out Uduak for allegedly stealing her mifi (portable WIFI) worth 15K when she hosted Uduak and her friend named Kimberly. When she asked Uduak to return the mifi, the babe allegedly refused so Hobbit came online to call her out.

And guess what? Hobbit complained Uduak had noisy gay sex with Kimberly under her Virgin Mary statue, and now she (Hobbit) is in trouble with her dad because their sex woke him up. Smh.

Funny enough Uduak does not deny the theft, cocaine addiction and lesbianism accusation, and is rather laughing up a storm online. Another user even posted an alleged picture of Uduak snorting 60k worth of cocaine.


The ultimate irony is both accuser and the accused are alleged cocaine users. Its a big mess. 

Read all the salacious tweets from the very bottom to the top....

Uduak allegedly snorting cocaine

Queen Matriarch responds by posting screenshots of their convo.


So at this point Uduak hits back with this.


Hobbit, the accuser

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