Monday, 5 September 2016

Drake and Chris Brown Shade Each Other Over Lil Wayne [SEE DETAILS]


Since Lil Wayne has ben having issues with Birdman over money owed him, Drake who came to limelight after Wayne signed him and Nicki Minaj to Young Money Records, has been sort of silent.

Yesterday after Lil Wayne sparked a suicide scare  by saying he was done and had given up because he was defeated, Chris Brown took to Instagram to hail him,calling him the greatest rapper alive and even said Wayne wrote most songs for his Cash money artists,which obviously includes Drake.

Drake responded by indirectly calling Chris Brown a weirdo while pledging his allegiance to Lil Wayne.

    The boss @liltunechi. We are fighting until you get yours. Freedom to drop music and peace of mind. I don't know what these other weirdos are on with all the side talks but I know you gave me a shot and all I can ever do with the rest of my life is return the favor. YOUNG MONEY FOREVER


This man helped my career in so many ways and has inspired me to live life!!! FOREVER WILL BE THE GREATEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!! NONe OF YOU RAPPERS WOULDNT EVEN KNOW WHERE TO START. REALISTICALLY MOST OF YALL ARE HIS STUDENTS AND DONT WANT TO ADMIT IT!!! YMOHB!!!!! ( and I know that Wayne wrote for damn near all cash money records artist when he was a teenager.) niggas wanna be down when it's all good but soon as they feel the pressure you have to deal wit they all will fade) #YMOHB

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