Thursday, 1 September 2016

Checkout Photos of Mark Zukerberg Eating 'Fufu' and Grilled Fish in Kenya


The Facebook billionaire CEO who was in Nigeria for three days has left for Nairobi, Kenya.

After enjoying Nigerian jollof rice, he has moved on to Kenyan delicacy Ugali (corn flour) and tilapia.

He wrote;

    "I had lunch in Nairobi with Joseph Mucheru, the Kenyan Cabinet Secretary of Information and Communications. We talked about internet access and his ambitious plans for connecting everyone in Kenya.
    We ate at MAMA Oliech Restaurant. -- a local place everyone recommended. One of my favorite parts of traveling to a new country is trying the food. I enjoyed ugali and a whole fried tilapia for the first time and loved them both!"
he said. 

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