Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Checkout This China Restaurant On A Terrifying Glass-Bottomed Walkway [PHOTOS]


A Chinese scenic spot has opened a new restaurant on a vertigo-defying see-through walkway, wine, dessert and afternoon tea are served on the terrifying platform suspended at nearly 1,000 feet high in the Shiniuzhai National Park of Yueyang city.

A number of diners were invited to eat at the extraordinary dining space on its first day of business yesterday.


Latest images show the customers, donning glittering cocktail dresses, eating dessert and wine with a side of panoramic views over lush forest and mountain ranges.


They appeared to have no fear of the dizzying heights, enjoying the natural surroundings as much as their food.


The glass-bottomed walkway is built along the edge of a cliff at about 300 metres (984 feet) above the ground.


Besides the restaurant, another part of the walkway doubles up as a giant keyboard.


When the Shiniuzhai glass-bottomed bridge first opened, images emerged of people screaming and holding on to the side of the structure as they were allowed to experience the attraction for the first time. The bridge is said to wobble slightly when people walk across it, adding to the fear-factor of the frightening ordeal.








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